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Martti Siirala Centenary: The ‘Violence’ of Daseinsanalysis. Anthony Stadlen conducts Inner Circle Seminar 278 (22 January 2023)

Martti Siirala

(24 November 1922 – 18 August 2008)

Centenary Seminar

The  ‘Violence of Daseinsanalysis

Anthony Stadlen

conducts by Zoom

Inner Circle Seminar No. 278

Sunday 22 January 2023

10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Martti Siirala

Martti Siirala was one of the worlds great original existential psychotherapists. Today we celebrate his centenary (24 November 2022) by focussing on his penetrating critique of a central aspect of Daseinsanalysis.
The composer Jean Sibelius was buried by Martti Siirala’s brother Aarne, a theologian and pastor. It was said that Siirala wrote as Sibelius composed. Martti Siirala himself confirmed this to Anthony Stadlen, saying that Sibelius’s way of composing and his own way of writing were like the Finnish language, approaching all beings with a ‘humble but passionate’ questioning: ‘Who are you? Could it be that you might be...?’; while the German language, according to Siirala, tries to grasp and dominate.
In his 1980 paper, On malignant violence: Where to look for hope in reaching its roots, in From Transfer to Transference (1983. Helsinki: Therapeia Foundation), Martti Siirala writes (p. 137) of the ‘violent elements in the absolutist claims for Daseinsanalysis to a direct access to the phenomena in an adequate, undistorted way’. He does, despite this, acknowledge that Daseinsanalysis has however essentially contributed to the unreducibility of human bodily existing’.
Is this a fair criticism of the writings of Medard BossGion Condrau, and others in the daseinsanalytic tradition? Could it even be a fair criticism of their master, Martin Heidegger himself?
Can we reach a balanced assessment, taking Siiralas criticism into account?
Your contribution to the discussion will be warmly welcomed.

This is our third Inner Circle Seminar devoted to the work of Martti Siirala.
Twenty years ago, on his 80th birthday, 24 November 2002, Martti and his wife Ann-Helen Siirala came from Helsinki to London to conduct Inner Circle Seminar No. 63, devoted to discussion of his lifes work.
Six days later, on Saturday 30 November 2002, Anthony Stadlen contributed a lecture, The Profound Logic, to the two-day celebrations of Siiralas birthday in the architect Alvar Aaltos Finlandia Hall, Helsinki.
Martti Siirala died on 18 August 2008, and the reminiscences and celebrations continued late into the night after his funeral in Helsinki.
On Sunday 23 January 2011, Ann-Helen Siirala again came to London, as did Martti Siiraladaughter Marja-Liisa Siirala. Both assisted Anthony Stadlen in conducting Inner Circle Seminar No. 159, Existential Pioneers, 4. Martti Siirala.
Ann-Helen and Marja-Liisa Siirala will not attend Martti Siiralas centenary Inner Circle Seminar No. 278 today in person but Ann-Helen has translated much of an unpublished paper of her late husbandfor our discussion.
In the context of main focus on Siirala’s critique of Daseinsanalysis we shall continue to study his case studies, his thinking on ‘schizophrenia’, and his theory of ‘social pathology’ – not a medicalising of human relationships, but a return to the original Greek meaning of pathos and logos.

This will be an online seminar, using Zoom.
Cost: Psychotherapy trainees £140, others £175, some bursaries; payable in advance; no refunds or transfers unless seminar cancelled
Apply to: Anthony Stadlen, ‘Oakleigh’, 2A Alexandra AvenueLondon N22 7XE
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