Is Psychoanalysis a Jewish Science? Freud Museum podcast (28 January 2016)

Is Psychoanalysis a Jewish Science?

Panel discussion:

Joseph Berke  Stephen Frosh
Tali Loewenthal  Anthony Stadlen

Freud Museum, London
28 January 2016

This contains a podcast of a debate, opening with a statement about science, Judaism, and Freud by Anthony Stadlen, and continuing with statements by the other members of the panel, and a discussion with panel and audience.

See also:

Stadlen, A. (1994). Freuds Judaism: Renewal and Betrayal. In Ward, I. (ed.)    (1994): 38-48.

Ward, I. (ed.) (1994). Is Psychoanalysis Another Religion? Contemporary essays on spirit, faith and morality in psychoanalysis.

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