The Space between Words: Family. Roger Graef’s 1972 film for BBC2 of Aaron Esterson’s work with a family

The Space Between Words: Family

Aaron Esterson works with a family

Producer and Director    Roger Graef

      Cameraman                      Charles Stewart

Editor                                Dai Vaughan


Tuesday 15 February 1972 at 7.20 p.m.

Roger Graef (18 April 1936 – 2 March 2022)
Aaron Esterson (26 September 1923 – 15 April 1999)

This great film is the conjunction of the work of a great film director and a great family researcher and family therapist. It may be seen here:

There are few photographs of Aaron Esterson in the public domain. But he may be seen in action in this film. Roger Graef does not appear in his film. But here are two photographs of him at different stages of hs later life:

Roger Graef

Roger Graef

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