Thursday 1 January 2015

Anthony Stadlen and Inner Circle Seminars meet Zollikon Seminars (9th Forum of International Federation of Daseinsanalysis, Athens, 26 September 2015)

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University of Athens
Central Building

Anthony Stadlen
Inner Circle Seminars
Heidegger's Zollikon Seminars

Alice Holzhey   Anthony Stadlen   Dimitris Yfantis
conduct the concluding seminar 
at the 9th Forum of the 
International Federation of Daseinsanalysis
University of Athens
26 September 2015
13.00 to 14.30

From Thanasis Georgas and Maria Korre, President and Co-president, 9th Forum of International Federation of Daseinsanalysis, Athens, 2015, to Anthony Stadlen (4 July 2015):

This is to invite you for the IFDA’S Forum in Athens (24,25,26/9/2015).
As you know, even from a distance, we follow with great interest all this work you are doing in the “Inner Circle Seminars”. We greatly appreciate your offer to the reflection and research for an existential-phenomenological "therapy" which is not “…corrupted and confused by the ideology of scientism”. As you say in your last announcement for the “Inner Circle Seminar” on Sunday 19 July 2015, “…then our "therapy" remains technological tinkering and our righteousness is as filthy rags”.

We, the Greek organizing committee, wonder if it would be possible to transfer something of the spirit and atmosphere of the “Inner Circle Seminars” at the IFDA’s Forum in Athens. Perhaps we could organize a presentation of your work regarding the Zollikon Seminars. If not all of the work you have done, at least a part of this (for example, Seminars of 6 and 8 July 1965 "Is the body and its bodying ... something somatic or something psychic or neither of the two?". The duration of the presentation could be (at about) 1.5 hours or more.

Take into account that by September, the “Zollikon Seminars” will be published in Greek (from the German). It is an effort that has very much supported by the Greek Society.

Maybe, if you accept this invitation, you could have as your discussion partner Dr. Dimitris Yfantis (who is the translator of the Zollikon Seminars in Greek). Dr. Yfantis is a philosopher who lives in Cologne (Köln) in Germany and is one of the best translators of Martin Heidegger in Greek (he has also translated Hegel).

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