Tuesday 1 January 2013

‘I can feel the rings’. The final scene from Samuel Beckett’s ‘dramaticule’ Come and Go (1967), performed during Inner Circle Seminar 186, 'Anonymous' (Murray Bowen), 27 January 2013


‘I can feel the rings’
Ginnie Lawlor (Ru, left), Marcia Karp (Vi, centre), Angela Buxton (Flo, right)
in the final scene from Samuel Becketts ‘dramaticule’ Come and Go (1967)

In 1967, Murray Bowen gave his epochmaking talk, to family therapists and researchers, about his attempt to ‘differentiate a self in his own extended family. Beckett’s entire short play Come and Go (1967), published in the year that Bowen gave his talk, was performed within the seminar* and discussed in terms of Bowen’s theory of ‘triangulation’.

*Inner Circle Seminar No. 186. Anthony Stadlen conducted: Existential Pioneers. !2. ‘Anonymous’ (Murray Bowen). (Oakleigh, Sunday 27 January 2013)

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