Monday, 1 April 1996

Freud’s Seduction Theory and the Birth of Psychoanalysis. Inner Circle Seminars (First series: 1996 – 1997)


21 APRIL 1996 – 21 SEPTEMBER 1997

Freud in his lecture of 21 April 1896 announced a new method: ‘psychoanalysis’. He claimed it revealed ‘repressed’ memories of childhood sexual abuse in 100% of adult ‘hysterics’. This was his ‘seduction theory’. But in a letter to Fliess on 21 September 1897 he retracted it.

In these seminars Anthony Stadlen presents some of his unpublished historical research findings. He invites participants to join him in studying stages on Freud’s way.

He also invites discussion of existential seduction theory, a renewal of Freud’s quest a hundred years on.

1. 21 April 1996
‘The stones speak!’

2. 20 October 1996
‘You are requested to close the eyes.'

3. 24 November 1996
‘If I can’t shift heaven, I’ll stir up hell.

4. 19 January 1997
‘… I understand the harsh therapy of the witches’ judges.

5. 16 February 1997
‘… my own father was one of the perverts …’

6. 16 March 1997
‘I’m still not finished with a single case.’

7. 27 April 1997
‘… I told her that similar and worse things must have happened in her earliest childhood.’

8. 1 June 1997
‘… I shall very soon uncover the source of morality.’

9. 29 June 1997
‘I believe I am in a cocoon, God knows what sort of beast will crawl out.’

10. 21 September 1997
‘Rebecca, take your dress off, you’re not a bride any more!’

Anthony Stadlen is an existential analyst. He teaches and supervises at Regent’s College School of Psychotherapy and Counselling; the London Centre for Psychotherapy; and the Association of Independent Psychotherapists. His research is sponsored by the Nuffield Foundation. He is a former Research Fellow of the Freud Museum, London.

Seminars on Sundays: Morning 10 – 1, Afternoon 2 - 5

Venue: Meeting Room A, Acland Building, Regent’s College, Inner Circle, Regent’s Park, London NW1 4NS Tel: 0171 486 0141

Cars may be parked free on Sunday in the college and park. Baker Street underground is ten minutes’ walk. Refreshments may be bought in the college or park restaurant. Acland Building has access for disabled people.

Seminars 2 to 10 cost £370 (students £297) payable by 4 October; or three instalments of £135 each (students £108). Individual seminars cost £55 (students £44). Places are limited.

Apply to: Anthony Stadlen, 64 Dartmouth Park Road, London NW5 1SN

Tel: 0171 485 3896

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